Book | Logan Sullivan


is a recently completed 89,000-word memoir currently available for publishing.


Completed materials available to literary agents, editors and publishers upon request:
  • Query Letter (1 page)
  • Synopsis (3 pages)
  • Book Proposal (42 pages + sample chapters)
  • Manuscript (89,000 words)


A brief excerpt from the Overview section of my Book Proposal:


“I held the placid hand of an international war criminal I thought I knew. Inside his adobe home in a remote Congolese rebel stronghold village, he detailed his murderous role in the Rwandan Genocide, overshadowing his tenderness and changing the world forever – well, my perception of the world, anyway. Our friendship was neither my first nor my last confrontation with reality’s inconveniences, those faraway afflictions my suburban American upbringing effectively concealed. Schoolgirl poets in a South African slum, a fugitive Burmese monk refugee and a corrupt mayor with a bulldozer taught me their lessons too. For eight years across 60 countries on six continents, I hounded such eclectic perspectives on life’s purpose and on how best to impact an imperfect world.


Logic and emotion proved two divergent guides as I trialed a rare combination of seemingly benevolent careers. Disaster response aid work in Haiti and DR Congo, marine conservation in Asia, microfinance in Central America and humanitarian advocacy in Syria comprised a unique sampling of philanthropic industries yet to be juxtaposed in one memoir. As the youngest expat aid worker in the world to hold several of these positions, my senior experiences coupled with my youthful perspective allowed me to narrate a skeptically optimistic formula for both achieving personal fulfillment and impacting global betterment.  


Lion cubs, volcanic eruptions, a Guinness world record, a crocodile attack, and a Thai soap opera bank heist offered misadventures and lessons learned. Earthquakes, war zones, mass rape, fortunate death and unfortunate subsistence each spurred dilemma and are recounted with burdensome honesty and heartening insight. LIVING DELIBERATELY IN THE MEANTIME is an 89,000-word memoir of my investigation of life’s purpose, a global journey impelled by frustrated curiosity, snowballing empathy and an acknowledged responsibility to create a better world. It is a protest against the disempowered self, and an argument for conscious endeavor. My story aims to exemplify that tragedy equates more to an inert and apathetic life than to death itself.

Please contact me directly at SeekerSullivan [at] gmail [dot] com for further details or with any referrals to literary agents, editors or publishers.