16 Joy, Impact and Fulfillment – Reaching social circles and global circles | Logan Sullivan


This is by far the longest solo episode so far. Honestly, it could have been 3 or 4 separate episode, yet it was still designed as a follow up to episode 15. I discuss:

  • The difference between short-term happiness and long-term fulfillment
  • How to find the ideal action that YOU can take to find fulfillment while balancing a high level of both impact and joy
  • Push decision making vs. pull decision making, and why very consequential difference
  • Why we ought to look first at what we can do to improve the world, THEN find which of the most effective routes we’re most suited for/will enjoy the most. This can sometimes allow us to impact hundreds of times a much good as the “follow your passion” route.
  • The way we can definitely improve the lives of those closest to us through filling our glass and letting it spill over — impact-by-osmosis. But this approach to improving the world simply cannot reach those needing most to be reached.
  • The average/intuitive route towards impacting positive shifts in circumstances in the world does not tend to achieve much compared to the MOST impactful route. If the average route achieved 40% of the MOST impactful, none of this debate would be worthwhile. Instead, the MOST impactful can achieve dozens of times, or sometimes even thousands of times as much good.
  • Our Social Circles consist of our Core Social Circle, our Physical Social Circle, and our Social Network. Each group is reach through different types of actions.
  • Our Global Circles (Direct Beneficiaries, Influencers, and High-Impact Strangers) ought to be our priority targets of our benevolent actions. They consist of every living being and cause we don’t directly interact with in our lives. Thus, they necessitate prioritization of the most vulnerable and most in need.
  • Self improvement, education, wisdom, strength, motivation, creativity, resources: the mere possession of these assets do not equate to impacts accomplished for our global circles, for those needing it most. Through direct action, we put all of this to work, and that is where the difference is created.


A very special thank you to HÄANA (Violinist, vocalist and producer) and Cello Joe for allowing me to use their beautiful music throughout this podcast (though all music in Episode 16 is HÄANA). They are two of my favorite artists and I’m super happy to be able to share their music with you all. You can find HÄANA on SoundCloud, on Facebook, and on iTunes, and Cello Joe on SoundCloud, on Facebook, on YouTube, and on Band Camp.

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